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The Papacy. The Beast Power of Revelation 13:1-10 and The Great Whore of Revelation 17


JOThe Last Events

What are the last main events of Bible prophecy to be fulfilled before the end of the world (as we know it)? The Bible prophecy books of Daniel and Revelation tell us what is to come and what the final events will be.

Many people who look into these things tend to focus on the nation of Israel and are awaiting world war III, which will be the signal to them that the "end" has come. But they are looking in the wrong direction and are focusing their minds on the physical world, rather than the spiritual world. The same mistake the Jews of old made regarding the first coming of Jesus Christ. It's within the "Christian" world we need to be focusing on, not what is happening in the Middle East.

Sure, there are certain signs that we can look for in the physical world. But the MAIN end time signs for those who understand Bible prophecy will come from WITHIN the professed "church" of Christ. The Bible reveals that the main antichrist power today is the Papal Church of Rome (Roman Catholic Church). And the Papal Church is portrayed using various symbols in Bible prophecy.

In Daniel 7 the Papacy is portrayed as the little horn power. In Daniel 11 the Papacy is known as the "king of the north". In Revelation 13 the Papacy is the "sea beast". And in Revelation 17 and 18, the Roman Catholic Church is known as "Babylon the Great".

Basically, as hard as this is for many people to swallow, the Roman Catholic Church is Satan's counterfeit church which he has used for the past 1500 years to draw people away from God and also persecute the saints of the Lord Jesus Christ. And Satan is going to use the Roman Catholic Church in the final events of Bible prophecy.

Not Just the Papal Church of Rome

One might ask where will the Roman Catholic Church get the power from to influence last day events. And that is a good question. But one that can easily be answered. All we need to do is take a look at what the Papacy did in history. Does the Papal Church have power by itself to control the world? No. So what does she do? She uses the military might of the nations who support her, which is exactly what she did during the dark ages.

Now interestingly, Revelation 13 tells us of another "beast" (nation) who supports the Roman Catholic Church and causes the world to worship her (bow down to her authority). And that beast is America. So America will give it's military might to the Vatican and cause the world (with the ultimate support of other nations) to bow down to the Catholic Church and give their allegiance to her.

This is what Revelation 13 is all about and this is what the final events of Bible prophecy will be all about ... ALLEGIANCE ... Will we give our allegiance and worship to the beast (Roman Catholic Church)? Or will we give our allegiance and worship to Jehovah? Those who give their worship to the beast will get the mark of the beast, and those who give their worship to God will receive God's seal.

Will We See the Final Events?

It is our firm belief that this generation has seen ALL the last day signs, showing that we are living in the very end times. And we believe that we will see the final events of Bible prophecy happen in our lifetime. Things are happening rapidly now in this world. The disasters are increasing. The financial world is in turmoil, and the people of the world are revolting against what the governments and banks are causing. The world is just about RIPE to accept ANY kind of solution to the current woes. And Satan is just about ready to pounce!

So what will we see happening? Although we don't know the exact specifics of what will take place, we know enough from what Bible prophecy tells us to be prepared and know the signs. Isn't it interesting that the mark of the beast is connected with "buying and selling". And what is one of the main troubles we have ALL around the world today? MONEY! We have an economic crisis that we have not seen before. And this is paving the way for a more unified worldwide economy that is managed from a central source. Which is something that Catholic popes have been calling for, for a number of years (see here).

So we have the financial crisis which will help in bringing about a global economic "power" that will rule and direct the financial markets. We now have the technology to do away with cash and replace it with a purely electronic form of "buying and selling". And once these goals are achieved, then Satan will begin to perform "signs and wonders" in order to deceive the world into actually taking the mark of the beast.

But what is the mark of the beast? To give you a basic rundown of it. The beast's mark will not be a physical mark like the majority of people believe. Instead it will be a spiritual mark. More precisely it will be a mark of ALLEGIANCE. If we give our allegiance to the beast (Roman Catholic Church) or the image of the beast (Protestant America), we will receive a spiritual mark in our forhead or hand.

And what will be the act that will mean our allegiance has been given to the beast? Well, what does God want us to do? He wants us, according to 1 John 5, to keep His commandments, as that is a mark of our love for Him. But what does the Papal Church of Rome want us to do? She wants us to keep HER commands and rules, which will be a mark of our worship and allegiance to her. And looking through the ten commandments, there is one specific command that the Vatican has changed and is pushing for the world to obey. The 4th commandment to do with the sabbath day! God commands us to keep the seventh day holy, but the Roman Catholic Church changed this command of God from the seventh day to the first day. Of which there is no Biblical support whatsoever.

Amazingly, the Vatican are now saying that the economic troubles of the world would be HELPED by us all having one day off a week from work. And the day they are pushing for is Sunday, which is NOT the sabbath day of Jehovah. And interestingly, Germany is one of the few countries with a Sunday law truly enforced today. And who has one of the strongest economies in the world today? Germany! Coincidence?

We are seeing the final events of Bible prophecy take place today. And one day soon, America, with the support of "10 kingdoms" (Revelation 17:12) will give their power to the Roman Catholic Church and the Sunday law will be enforced throughout the world. It's time to give your all to Christ Jesus and study His Word in the Bible. Seek the truth, because only the truth will set you free!

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